Activity C3 – May 2020, Portugal

This LTTA was planned to happen face-to-face in May in Lisbon, Portugal, but it had to be moved into an e-learning format due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This, however, does not mean the contents of the training and its implementation were negatively affected. Quite the opposite!

AidLearn’s team (partner organization responsible for this LTTA) presented all contents that had been planned for the face-to-face format (e.g. basics of cinema; how to frame a video, how to set up the microphone, how to plan the scene, how to do the editing, etc.)

To this end, PRO-MED’s Moodle platform (used for the SPIDW project), as well as AidLearn’s own learning platform, were used.

Overall, the participants appeared to be invested in the training and were present in the Zoom meetings (i.e. launching, Q&A sessions, and closing), watched the training videos, did the quizzes and films they were expected to do, answered the online quiz on cinema.

Participants said that this training experience was a positive one.