Activity C2 – September 2019, Slovenia

During our second Training Activity in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the participants were able to learn and develop their digital competencies and skills for film making. As a result of the first and the second training event, the staff members of the partner organization can now use their gained knowledge and competences to improve social inclusion of older people in the digital world.

The workshop provided the necessary skills to spread the non-formal methods learned and to apply them practically. Every partner organization will share the knowledge with interested persons and involved stakeholders.

In Ljubljana was run Deep into visual literacy, an international training programme. The participants screened short CINAGE films on active ageing, documentaries on refugee issues and migrations (Marijana, One Last hug), a film made by an older student called 18 Summers within a training by Watershed Bristol. Step by step, the participants learned about film text and narratives of images, contemporary urban myths, photography, films, collective subconscious representations (Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Henri Cartier Bresson) including those addressed by successful commercials (Slovenia my country, Radenska, I like milk). They found that the authors inevitably make films about themselves, their values and beliefs, their own defence mechanisms (Leni Riefenstahl: Triumph der Will). They were introduced to

They were introduced to an overview of the development of documentary filmmaking since they got familiar with genres of documentaries (observational, collaborative, creative documentaries). They learned about the micro-sociology of everyday life, about how to use a movie editing program to edit their images recorded with smartphones. Now, it’s time for the participants to transmit their lessons and new knowledge on older people in their programmes.