Slovenian Third Age University – Slovenia

Slovenian Third Age University develops and delivers scientifically grounded educational programs fostering older people’s social inclusion, creating new social practices through socially engaged education and socially engaged arts and more widely socially engaged culture. It is meant for education of older people, with older people and about older people (professionals working with older people). Moreover, it is specialized in geragogy as well as cultural geragogy.

Slovenian Third Age University introduced education of older people into former Yugoslavia. It is a meeting point, a structure for older people and their organisations to meet, to be seen and heard. It is a typical multiplier as well.

Slovenian Third Age University has four sections: Slovenian Third Age Universities Network, Ljubljana’s Third Age University, Institute for Research and Development of Education and Institute for Dyslexia. The network currently unites 55 universities based in 54 localities with presently more than 21 000 students, more than 1000 mentors and more than 1000 volunteers.

Throughout 37 years, it has been active on local, national and international level, providing its expertise to national organizations as well as international and European organizations, to bilateral and international project partners.