PRO-MED – Poland

PRO-MED sp. z o. o. is a small medium enterprise that has been working in the transnational European context since 1989. It is active in the field of e-learning, education based on blended courses.

So far, it has been active in the following EU programmes: Phare (1998-2000), Leonardo da Vinci (1998 – 2008), Socrates (1998 – 2007), EQUAL (2005-2008), Interreg (2005-2006), Lifelong Learning Programmes Grundtvig Partnership, Multilateral, Network, Senior Volunteering (2008-2014).

PRO-MED sp. z o. o. deals with the development of teaching and learning methods focused on training of the staff, bettering access to education. Its activities are in the field of learning culture, development of learning opportunities and formats: seminars, workshops.

Over the last years it has been involved in older adult education, devising special educational programmes for learners 50+.

Since 2008, PRO-MED sp. z o. o. has been organising “Meetings with a computer for seniors at the Gdańsk University of Technology”, in which students/PhD students volunteers take part.