In the course of the project, the partners produced films demonstrating the methods in practice.


  • City Games Lisboa

AidLearn, in partnership with UTIL and Museu Nacional do Traje, had a senior digital skills training using and adapting the SPIDW City Games method. This video was created from the powerpoint presentation the senior learners created as part of the training.

  • Changes due to the pandemic

During the SPIDW LTTA, one of the Learners A. Josué interviewed her mum on the changes to her daily life due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

  • David Stephens Interview

AidLearn intern Laura Schäfer was responsible for this amazing interview on Senior Digital Skills for the SPIDW project!


  • An Interview Anna Lalkovska with Aneta Zubekova 

An interview Anna Lalkovska with Aneta Zubekova demonstrating the method of biographic narrative interview. The interviewer starts the interview by asking a question, then listens without interrupting the interviewee who expresses her feelings and thoughts. If necessary the interviewer asks additional questions. The interview was on the topic of older people and their activities.

  • Dreaming of Costa Rica

Dreaming of Costa Rica is an impression. Using music and camera male feelings are being expressed. A man is dreaming about the Costa Rica shore and his relation with a beloved person.


  • City Games

City games are about involving participants of U3A in developing and taking part in city games.  Examples of the city games prepared by the elderly are available on the internet:

  • SPIDW in Ljubljana

Exploring and learning about Ljubljana.

  • Italian espresso

The film is a result of C2 activity that took place in Ljubljana in September 2019.

  • Balcony stories

People “telling” stories from their balconies due to Covid-19 situation.

  • What a beautiful catastrophy!

This film was inspired by SPIDW last training activity that took place online due to Covid-19.

  • C3 Activity

About C3 activity that took place online instead of face-to-face in Portugal in May 2020 due to Covid-19.

  • Horror at home 

The film was produced during the LTT in Lisbon (May 2020) and it shows a scene at the balcony in darkness and with scary music.


  • Horror scene

Night and woods are terrifying. Dark shadows and scary music.

  • Seniors and Skype

Older generations are enthusiastic sharing digital experiences with their grandchildren.


  • City Games Augsburg

Augsburg Town Hall Practical Tourist Guide – the video was created by participants in the short staff training event in Augsburg about the City Hall.

  • Breakfast

This film is a result of C2 activity held in Ljubljana in September 2019.

  • Conversation

This film is a result of C3 activity – shooting a scene based on a script.

  • Slovak Union of Pensioners

The video presents an organisation in Slovakia that protects the rights and legitimate requirements of pensioners, helps prepare citizens for life and work at retirement age, monitors the development of living standards of pensioners and proposes appropriate measures.

  • Working pensioner during the COVID-19 pandemic

The video contains an interview about how a working retiree dealt with her own situation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Situation in Slovak restaurants during COVID-19 pandemic

The video contains the development of pandemic measures in the period of COVID-19.


  • Love of My Life

Association for Intercultural Dialogue worked with seniors from Social Assistance Day Centre for Recreation. This is a short film about the most spectacular passion for the third age – rock climbing!

  • Isolation during pandemic time

A short film regarding quarantine – how it was during the period of isolation and what helped them to overcome loneliness: memories!


  • A Nice Family

A film exercise featuring an interview during C3 activity.

  • Mary

A film making exercise based on a script during C3 activity.

  • Horror at Slovenian Third Age University

The film was produced before the COVID-19. It features a horror situation where suddenly the door of Slovenian Third Age University squeals and bangs closed. Adult education providers across Europe are now struggling against this possible reality.

  • Zakaj je za izobraževanje zmeraj pravi čas? (Dr. Dušana Findeisen)

Educational film produced by older students of the Slovenian U3A.

  • Starting from Scratch

Starting from Scratch was planned as a start of a visual research into one of the most important life transitions, i.e. retirement.

  • Recite znanju da (eng. Say Yes to Knowledge)

Educating and supporting groups of older people requires continuous public campaigning. This promotional film is an encouragement for them to enrol at Slovenian Third Age University.